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Photobucket Ruby is a down-to-earth, friendly and outgoing person. She loves the beauty of life and nature. Traveling around the world is one of her greatest dreams and she is thankful that it is slowly coming true. Blogging for everything is one of her passions! Her fave motto, "Life is boring without challenges and adventure". Enjoy your stay here! Thanks for your visit.


Simply leave a message in one of my post or email me at euroangel08@yahoo.de

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The main causes of liver damage are

I believed this worth to share and might  give some good information about health and how to take  care of our body.  A friend in facebook shared this information. Read carefully and see if you are doing some or many of these stuffs.

For me, I would say Numbers 1, 4, 6 and sometimes 3. Not really good for me and will try my best to avoid my bad habits. lolz!  

The main causes of liver damage are:

1. Sleeping too late and waking up too late are main cause.
2. Not urinating in the morning.
3. Too much eating.
4. Skipping breakfast.
5. Consuming too much medication. 


Happy Birthday My Dear Sister

I hope you are having a fabulous start of  February. I am positive, I am Congratulations sister and a happy  and wonderful birthday to you. I wish you all the good things in life, love, peace, contentment, good health and success in all your future undertakings.

Happy birthday to you and enjoy life to the fullest!  God bless you always! God bless us all!

She already said her prayer in facebook and this is it;

"Thank you, God, for giving me another year of life. Thank you for all the people who remembered me today by sending cards, letters, gifts and good wishes.


Booked My Flight for A Holiday to Asia

I finally booked my flight for a holiday to Asia this year. It's been so long a time since I did not had a travel in my home country, Philippines. I chose to explore many countries in Europe and finally this spring time, I will be flying home.
During my flight from Phoenix to San Francisco in 2012.
I started to find cheap flights since October 2013. I was browsing online which travel portals or agencies are offering the cheapest ones. Since Asia is quite a long way especially to the Philippines, I decided to choose the flight that I don't need to have a long lay-over.

I was also asking for affordable flight to the travel companies where I booked my flights during my previous travels to the Philippines. I was quite disappointed with Vollmer Reisen, a travel agency in Germany because it was very clear in my inquiry about the flights that I want. They also don't answered on my queries immediately. Due to that, I decided to inquire about Kirschner Reisen, a travel agency in Cologne. They immediately replied to my message in their facebook page. Since the offer for flight was quite reasonable, I ended up booking it. It is also a peak season in April-May and I am afraid that there will be no more seats available, the reasons why I booked it immediately.

More on that, I will be visiting Singapore also and other places and islands in the Philippines. I am still planning and organizing for my travel itinerary as of now. I hope I can finalize everything before the end of March.

Thanks to my siblings from the US who sponsored for my plane ticket this year. I am indeed blessed to have such loving sisters. God bless you my dear sisters. God bless us all!


Happy New Year 2014 to One and All!

It is finally 2014 in other parts of the globe! 
We still have over two hours to welcome it.

I am wishing everyone a wonderful 
and more prosperous New Year 2014. 
May this new year brings us love, peace, joy, 
good health and prosperity thru out the year! 

A message of love from my family to yours; 
God bless us all!


Inspiring Quotes

MONEY says, 
Earn me and forget everything.. 
TIME says, Follow me and forget everything.. 
FUTURE says, 
Struggle for me and forget everything.. 
GOD simply says, Just remember me and I'll give you everything.

Hope your 2013 is a great year! Merry Christmas and more Fruitful and blessed New Year 2014!


10 things you should minimize doing on social networks after Typhoon Yolanda aka Haiyan

First of all, I would like to extend  my prayers and sympathy to the Philippines especially to the victims of  the monster typhoon  haiyan or yolanda.   Keep strong and God bless Philippines!

 I read this in my friend's facebook wall. I decided to share   it here and thankful for the person who wrote and shared this.  Well, it is up to you top react. Besides its your choice at all!

More on that, let's continue to pray for the families who are affected by the recent typhoon yolanda or haiyan.  God bless Philippines!

*1. Don’t say people in the Visayas region deserve it. It is not your place to judge whether or not a community deserves a projected death toll of 10,000, including innocent children. That is, unless you think you can read God’s mind.

*2. Don’t keep posting food photos. People in areas hit by Typhoon Haiyan are actually desperate for water and food. It’s not that posting yummy photos of food is illegal; it just might get your teeth kicked in by your Facebook friends, especially those whose relatives are still missing.


Tips on How to be A Successful Travel Blogger

For those who are aspiring to become a successful travel blogger, check this out;

First you have got to remember – before becoming a travel blogger or starting a travel blog, you should first become a regular and passionate traveler. In other case there is no point writing about stuff you didnt experienced yourself. Then go buy yourself a good camera and keep looking for unusual photo opportunities. Dont forget to write about everything you see and experiences in your journal. Yes,  you heard correct, cause sometimes we travel to places with no wifi (there are places with  no internet in this world). Our memory is not a computer, so its better to write it down and then upload to the blog.