Secluded Tranquility at Beavers Bend Log Cabins

Beavers Bend State Park is one of the most beautiful mountainous regions in Oklahoma. You can enjoy all the outdoor recreation available on Broken Bow Lake and the Mountain Fork River when you take advantage of beavers bend state park cabin rentals. The beautiful rustic décor and spacious rooms are in a secluded area and provide a luxury vacation rental for affordable prices. The cabins are located on 65 acres with a private stocked fishing pond, disc golf course and spectacular natural beauty.

No Extra Fees

The daily rate for each cabin includes everything you need. There are no extra fees for having your cabin cleaned, your sheets and towels washed, using the resort facilities or for other amenities offered at the resort. Beavers Bend State Park cabin rentals have pet-friendly cabins and offer specials and discounts throughout the year.


Shop for Wigs at Divatress

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Happy Sunday everyone! The last weekend of the January is almost over in this part of the planet. It is already Monday in the other side of the globe and I hope you are all having a wonderful start of the year. I can't complain and all I want is good health always for family, loveones and friends near and far. My last weekend is quite busy but also memorable. I spent my Saturday afternoon with friends. That was full of fun, laughter and my tummy was also happy with the yummy foods.


The Do’s and Dont’s of Traveling

Are you going on a trip soon or are currently planning one? If so, then it is important to take some things into consideration. It is easy to get excited about your trip and not take notice of important things you should and should not do. It is always better to plan ahead and be safe than sorry later. Therefore, keep reading to discover some helpful suggestions of what to do and what not to do the next time you head out to travel.

The days leading up to a vacation can be stressful and also filled with anticipation, but there are definitely things you need to do before you leave your home. Do make sure you clean out your fridge. The last thing you want is to come home to smelly or gross food in your fridge that is expired. Do make sure to take out the garbage everywhere in your home.


Practical Tips in Buying A Car

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I have been driving a car  for over ten years now. I was forced to get my driving license when I was hired for a job. I could remember the first year working without driving a car. It was really difficult especially walking on cold and  snowy nights after work. Well, I had shift work that time and sad to say, I really find it very difficult when you are not flexible because you are not driving.  Besides, you cannot always ask  people  to drive you to work. I am very  thankful  now, I enjoy the freedom of driving my own car.

I may not be an expert with regards to buying cars but here are some practical  tips according to my own experiences.


Better Detection of Parasitic Disease

Invasion by parasites can cause all sorts of diseases and disorders that require very specific treatment to heal. Parasites can enter the body through foods, fluids and bloodstream. They are more common in certain regions of the world where sanitation and clean water are questionable. Lower standards on food preparation and sources can also be a huge problem. Patients may require testing to find out if they have become sick from parasitic influence.

Increased World Travel

The digital age has helped increase the opportunities for world travel. Friends are made online and business is conducted in the world market daily. These all open windows of opportunity to spread wings and fly off to some very exotic locations. A few of these locations can spell danger to the health of all who travel there. Drinking and bathing in the water can put you at risk for the intake of parasites into your body. Being bit by parasites can also set the stage for disease. The patient may not even show symptoms until days after returning.


Life is Getting Busier Each Day

Hello folks! I am back here! How are you doing out there? How was the first months of 2016? I hope everything is doing great to all of  you! I can't complain at the moment. There are ups and downs but I am very sure, these are parts of our lives here on earth. The most important thing is, we are happy living the lives that we always wanted.

There are so many things I wish to share but sometimes time is always limited.  Since I started working full time almost two years ago,  blogging especially updating my blogs and other online activities are getting limited.  My other  offline jobs like home chores, garden work and other errands also add to the reasons why I can no longer stay the whole day in front of my laptop.  Unlike before being a full time blogger, I am always on the go and can work anytime and anywhere as long as there is internet connection and I bring with me my home office. I miss that  semi-nomadic life.


Earning Money is not Easy at All

Hello folks! How's the month  of August treating you? So far so good for me! There is only one thing I need, I must go on vacation or I would say,  I need to travel so soon!  I cannot wait for the next trip to come. Around one and a half months more to go and  miss wanderlust  is ready to hit the road again.

I am quite tired today. I don't know for some reasons. I guess, it is because I have to work this weekend.  I don't really like the idea of working on a weekend but I have too.  I can still remember my first days and weeks at work. I cannot believed that I was able to adjust with many things. I reminds me of an online blogger friend who told me that I need to have a pragmatic approach with my job.  Now, I agree he is right.


Want To Optimize Your Appearance? Here's How!

If you're like most people, you want to look your best at all times. However, you may lack the knowledge and skill set necessary to accomplish your aesthetic goals. If looking great is a challenge for you, don't worry. Instead, implement the simple beauty optimization techniques outlined below:

1. Find The Perfect Bra.

The right bra enhances your appearance by giving you an even, sculpted chest. For this reason, taking the time to find the perfect bra is advantageous and ideal. These days, there are a plethora of online bra companies that offer a wide range of excellent products. Online companies such as Glamour Boutique feature a stellar line of bras for men and women. Visit their site at to learn more.


Top 4 Safety Tips for Crane Operators

Overhead cranes simplify the task of lifting and moving heavy objects. However, studies and statistics indicate that about 70 people lose their lives each year as a result of overhead hoists accidents. While operating any form of machinery, safety should be your greatest concern. Here are four tips to help you remain safe while operating the overhead crane.

1. Ensure you carry out proper maintenance of the hoist

The key to safety is the regular maintenance of the hoists. You need to perform a load testing maintenance to help you know the maximum load that your crane can handle. Maintenance should not be considered as optional; it is mandatory. If any moving part of the hoist wears out, gives out or breaks, it can cause severe damage. Thus, regular maintenance of the crane will ensure the crane is in good working condition, and this will ensure the flawless operation of the machine and the safety of your employees.


And This is My Day-Off from Work

Today is my day-off from work. I  would love to stay on bed and sleep longer since the weather is quite cold and it is really nice just to stay in bed. The past few days, we were still turning on the heater some hours in the afternoon until evening because  the temperature inside the house drops to 18 degree Celsius if the heater is  off the whole day.

This morning, I already woke-up at 7:30. I would love to wake-up at  around 9:00 AM but since I still have a lot of things to do, I have no choice but to get-off  from bed. I took my morning ceremony which is taking my favorite gingered-lemon flavored green tea. I paired it with toasted sliced bread. On top of  it is strawberry marmalade and the the other one is with German meat salad. After taking my breakfast, I went for  shower and made me ready to start all the errands for the  day.


Solid Parts Make Boating Easier

It is commonly said that the best day of a boat owner's life is the day he buys his boat. The second best day, they say, is the day the boat owner sells that same boat. The implication is that boat ownership is a major hassle. People argue that because of all of the parts and maintenance that one has to buy, boats can become a drag on the budget. It's becoming easier to own boats today, though, as companies are allowing boat owners to shop now on the Internet for cheaper, better parts. 


A Perfect Place for Online Shopping

This is a good news to all ladies and gentlemen who are fond of shopping online. This shopping platform is so versatile that you can do online shopping at the comfort of your own home. Please check out iprice  for all your shopping needs.

One Stop Shopping Destination

I believed everybody is searching a shopping portal where all your  shopping needs are provided. You don't want to search for many websites  especially that you are so busy that even browsing  for different online shopping stores will take most of your time.  As shoppers, you simply want an online shop where you can find different products of your choice from clothing to footwear, electronics and gadgets, home and garden, sports and outdoor and more.  This online shop called iprice is the solution for your online shopping needs.  At iprice, it is indeed very convenient  finding different products in one place.


5 Reasons to Invest in Professional eCommerce Designs

When setting up your online store, you want it to be unique and inviting. While you may have some level of success using default templates and designs, a professional look could do more for the site. You want to be able to engage customers and give them a reason to continue using your online store for future purchases.

Unique Experience

One of the most important reasons to consider professional design is offering a unique experience for the visitor. It's all about presenting that first impression, and you want visitors to remember your store. If it looks too much like other sites, some shoppers may be confused and spend money at other locales. The professional touch could help keep those customers coming back to the same site.