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Simply leave a message in one of my post or email me at euroangel08@yahoo.de

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Beautiful and Inspirational Sharing

I just can't erase this very beautiful and inspirational story without sharing it to all of you. The lady had the same situation as I am..the longing for a child..I have the same wish and longing until now...but I am still waiting for God's grace to come..if not I might do the same what the author of this story did..I believed her, we always need to keep our faith strong...for sure in one way of another God will find a way to make us happy!! have a blessed Wednesday!

    My Miracle

    My husband and I had been married for seven years, and had tried and tried to have a child. No matter how hard or what we tried, we could not have a baby.

    I had so many miscarriages that the doctor finally told me that I was putting myself at risk to continue trying. I was so heavy hearted. I grew up in a loving Christian home, my father being a Pastor. All my life I knew there was a God, but I could not
    understand why he was punishing me so. I was angry with him.

    I felt as though he was giving me hope with each pregnancy and then snatching it away from me. I remember on one occasion, I met this complete stranger, a Christian lady. She walked right up to me and told me that God had wanted her to tell me to not
    give up faith, yet my faith was already gone.

    The more time that passed, I became angrier with God. The lady told me that God had given her a vision of me and in that vision I was holding a little girl by the hand and that she was my child.

    At that time, I laughed and really thought the woman had lost her mind. I saw that woman a few days ago, and in my hand was my daughter's hand. For you see, on a Thursday night, we received a phone call.

    It was my mother-in-law asking us if we wanted a baby.

    I laughed and asked her, "A baby what?" I thought it was a puppy or something. She is a nurse, and she had just treated a young woman who had been in a car accident and was pregnant with no means of caring for another child. In fact the young woman
    was not even aware that she was expecting.

    She was six months along already and was completely unaware. Being 19 years old and already having two other small children, she started crying stating that she would just have to have an abortion. My mother-in-law informed her that she was too far along in her pregnancy to do that, besides there were too many people in the world who wanted children but were unable to do so.

    The young woman then asked her what she meant. My mother-in-law told her that she had a son and daughter-in-law who had tried to have a child and just couldn't. The young woman left that hospital that night.

    About two months later she called the hospital where my mother- in-law works. She was crying and told her that she had tried for all the elapsed time to find out who she was and how to find her because she wanted "us" to have her child! She had called
    the hospital so many times and could not get anyone to help her in finding the nurse who had helped her, but she would not give up.

    That night when my mother-in-law called, I cried because I had lost my faith in God, but He was still right there all the time, never giving up on me even though I had given up on Him.

    I remember that night after the phone call, my husband and I prayed. We prayed that if this was God's will for Him to please allow the baby to be born as soon as my husband was finished with his Funeral Services Degree. On the night before his last exam, I received a phone call. The young woman was on her way to the

    I was standing there in the delivery room when our daughter was born. That day I came face to face with the true God whom I had been told of all my life. The miracle completely overwhelmed me.

    Why was I even worthy enough of this great gift when I had all but given up on Him? In exactly 10 days my daughter will be 9 years old. We took her home from the hospital the day after she was born, and it seems just like it was yesterday.

    So all of you out there who think that God has forsaken you, please don't give up hope or faith. We would never have ever been able to adopt a child without God intervening in our life.

    He sent us the one thing that both of us desired. I thank Him each and every day for all that He has given to me. He sent me my angel here on this earth for us to love. The only way that I know to repay Him is to teach her of His love and mercy, and to
    tell others that I know that there is a God.

    Don't lose faith. He will never leave you.

    ~A MountainWings Original by Samantha Acre, Columbus, GA~
    please visit http://www.mountainwings.com if you want to subscribe to very inspiring and beautiful stories and sharing..thanks..

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