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Simply leave a message in one of my post or email me at euroangel08@yahoo.de

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SWF: How I miss Home

I truly miss home! I am thousand miles away from home. The more I miss it as I saw the beautiful pictures today. My last vacation was in 2006. I always miss the beautiful sunset that you can see in the terrace of our house. The sea adds beauty to the scenery. I hope and pray that my plan vacation for this year will push through. All I can say, "There is no place like home". Here is my SWF entry! I wish everyone a great weekend ahead. I can't wait for it because we will be having a short trip somewhere else again.
My beloved Father planted this bananas near our house....such a beauty of nature! I want to retire in this place and see the water and sunset everyday.
Please visit SWF...feel free to join, share and watch the different skies from all over the world. Have fun!


Michele- Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Awww... I am sorry you are homesick. I understand, I am also homesick for the place I was born in as well.
A beautiful photo.
Have a good weekend.

Jane said...

Nice one, the leaves of the palm makes for good foreground too:)

Photo Cache said...

What a lovely dream. I too long for the Phil, but sadly I don't have that same view when I go home. Unfortunately our province is landlocked. No water, river is a few kilometers away and it's nothing really, just flowing water.

When I get homesick, I fry some lumpia and eat them with garlic fried rice :)

Ebie said...

My blog is here.
Likewise, I miss home, though I dont have the sunset, I have sunrise, my house just two blocks away from the beach. I like PhotoCache's comments, lumpiasipluslog. How is that? Let me cheer you up! Enjoy the weekend!

Maria said...

Home is always in your heart!
Your picture is beautiful! My favorite fruit in the view of a beautiful sunset! excellent :)
~All the Best~ Maria

Gaelyn said...

I can certainly understand your desire to go home if that's your sunset view. Hope the vacation works out.

Danton said...

Just glad you have a picture to look into when you kind of feel wanting for your homeplace. It's a nice skywatch photo.

B SQUARED said...

Looks like a beautiful place to call home.

Regina said...

You have beautiful place. I like my house to be near the beach.
Take care. Have wonderful weekend.

Euroangel said...

Hi everyone! appreciate all your beautiful words here..enjoy your weekend ahead!

Arija said...

A wonderful photo, seacape and sky , with the most important part, the feeling of home. Could there be a more beautiful place?