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Simply leave a message in one of my post or email me at euroangel08@yahoo.de

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Top 5 European Festivals in 2011

American festivals are usually one-day affairs with a parade and may feature cotton candy but European festivals are completely different. These festivals often last from four days to a month featuring unique attractions and activities. Our sponsor Anytrip.com, who offers cheap hotels in Paris, London and around the world, has come up with a list of the many festivals to see and experience in Europe:

Dusseldorf Carnival

This carnival is held in Germany each year from November to March. There are parades such as the Rosenmantag Parade featuring everything from clowns parading down the street on stilts to beautifully decorated floats. On the Thursday preceding Ash Wednesday, women converge on the town hall to seize the right to govern for a day. During the 'Drag Queens Race' men race through the streets wearing high heels and sporting dresses of all lengths to include accessories.

St Patricks Festival

This event began in 1995 in Dublin to bring some of the long neglected traditions of St. Patrick's Day to the homeland. In 2011 the festival is expected to attract 650,000 live spectators with countless more being given access via TV and online streaming. There will be music of all genre as well as crafts, art displays and fireworks. One outstanding attraction of this festival is a 150' tall Ferris Wheel.

Edinburg Hogmanay Festival

This festival takes place in Scotland every year to ring in the new year. The word 'Hogmanay' means holiday and that is definitely what guests and natives enjoy for four days. There are special film screenings along with Torchlight parades through and around beautiful Gothic castles. Not unlike festivals around the world, one of the major highlights is a gigantic fireworks display.

Kiruna Snow Festival

This festival takes place in Sweden from January 29th to 31st each year. There are snow sculpting contests which not only attract children but serious artists both on the professional and amateur level.

As with many festivals, the Kiruna Snow Festival would not be complete without a fashion show featuring clothing for all reasons and all seasons. The Mr. Snowman contest is quite different from what the name implies since this is a contest where men vie for a strongman title. Among the special foods offered at the Kiruna Snow Festival are reindeer burgers and bear steaks.

Couleur Cafe Festival

This 3 day festival in Brussels features live musical performances on several stages. Among the guests slated to appear in 2011 is Snoop Dogg.

Whether you're looking for snow, good food, live music, carnival atmosphere a European Festival has everything your heart could desire.

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Nice article, great period for carneval, greeting from Belgium