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Simply leave a message in one of my post or email me at euroangel08@yahoo.de

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Visit to Kallmünz Castle Ruins, Bavaria, Germany

I am finally here again for an update. Spain vacation is over and now I am back to my normal life. It's been almost two weeks now since I am back home.

Let me share some images I took from Kallmünz last 2009. I actually visited this castle for a lot of times. Sometimes we pass it by when we are on our way to Regensburg driving over the so-called "Landstrasse", called by American friends as back road. It is around 18-20 kilometers from Hohenfels US training area.

There is a castle ruin in this town. The Germans called it the Burgruine or the Kallmünzer Burg. It is located on top of the hill. You can have a very nice view of Kallmünz and its surroundings when you are on the top.

The castle ruins that we see today in Kallmünz was said to begin its construction between 1230-1250. The architecture was from Roman to Gothic during its construction.

You can find some information of this castle in this link below. Sad to say, it is in German.

Houses on the foot of the hill. You can see the castle ruins towering on top of the hill.

These photos were taken during our visit last April 2009.

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