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Simply leave a message in one of my post or email me at euroangel08@yahoo.de

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And This is My Day-Off from Work

Today is my day-off from work. I  would love to stay on bed and sleep longer since the weather is quite cold and it is really nice just to stay in bed. The past few days, we were still turning on the heater some hours in the afternoon until evening because  the temperature inside the house drops to 18 degree Celsius if the heater is  off the whole day.

This morning, I already woke-up at 7:30. I would love to wake-up at  around 9:00 AM but since I still have a lot of things to do, I have no choice but to get-off  from bed. I took my morning ceremony which is taking my favorite gingered-lemon flavored green tea. I paired it with toasted sliced bread. On top of  it is strawberry marmalade and the the other one is with German meat salad. After taking my breakfast, I went for  shower and made me ready to start all the errands for the  day.

Shopping for Groceries and other  Things

I  have to drive  around  15 minutes  to  go to the  nearest town where I always  go  for grocery  shopping and to buy other things needed at home. I am glad that I have a driving license, or else it will be very difficult not to have one especially during emergencies like going  to the doctor.  I went to the grocery store first and bought everything what  we needed for the whole weekend. I usually go grocery shopping twice in a week to avoid the temptation of buying unnecessary stuffs. I believed,  I am a wise shopper. lol!  I also went to the bank,  the drug store and another  store where I can buy  some other items.  I wanted to tank my car but it is still over half full and I am really in a hurry  to go back home to do more household chores.

After unloading the grocery  items and other stuffs, I decided to take my lunch because I am already hungry.  I actually went to the MC Donald but only used their  toilet. Besides, I am trying to avoid eating on fast food restaurants  these days. After  taking my  lunch, I finished putting all the grocery items in its proper  place and storage.

Working at the Backyard

I decided to work around 2 hours in the garden. I bought more herbal plants and planted it immediately to the area where the other herbs are placed. I also removed some grasses and cut some branches.  I am glad that I also watered the plants because I thought it will rain this afternoon but it didn't.

Cooked for Dinner

I just decided to cook some stir fry vegetables composed of carrots, potato, paprika, onions  and cabbage for dinner.  It tasted good!

Organize some Stuffs

This is the never ending work at home. I already folded some  dried clothes. When I have the time, I need to put out the winter clothes and put it in a box so I can have more space for summer clothing and accessories. With this cold weather we have now, I believed I still need some warm clothes until now.

As I am finishing this post, I am really very tired and exhausted. I wish I can  have more time for  blogging.  Still, I am very happy that I can manage some things inspite working full time.

I am off from the blogosphere folks! Take care everyone  and be happy.

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